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Sr. Professional, Mergers & Acquisitions

These simple processes set the rules for a vacancy control and minimisation. Every retail shopping centre should have a vacancy control programme incorporating these and other factors of decision. In this way the property can be allowed to perform effectively whilst under the pressure of a vacant area.

HR M&A Division
Project Location(s):
Home Office, Worldwide
Job Type:
Full time, Employee
Bachelor / Master Degree

Responsibilities Include:

Leads specific HR Mergers & Acquisition related projects.

Partner with the PMO Director of M&A and senior management in developing and implementing the corporate strategy. The M&A team will lead all aspects of the acquisition and divestiture processes including valuation, due diligence, negotiation of the purchase agreement and integration of acquisition targets.

The Project Manager of Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) will manage the overall process and project-oriented duties related to the integration of an acquired entity into the company or a divestiture of an entity from the Parent Co.

Typical project involvement starts prior to completion of the acquisition/merger and continues to final integration or separation goals being met.

This role requires primary competence in project management and continuous improvement.

In addition, we’re looking for someone with strong business acumen and awareness of key measures of business success as they relate to mergers, acquisitions, and the company’s strategic plan.

This position typically requires knowledge of project management, business processes, and IT-related projects to work across functional areas and also partners with specialists in legal, HR, accounting, payroll, IT, or other administrative areas of the company.

– Work with the M&A organization and subject matter experts to develop and maintain the M&A Playbook to ensure smooth transactions – Coordinate detailed due diligence as necessary
– Provide insights on possible synergy opportunities and timing
– Ensure smooth transition from due diligence to integration/separation
– Develop and continuously improve day one / 30 / 90 / 120 integration/separation checklists for transactions
– Conduct a Day One readiness assessment prior to the close of transactions
– Advise on the development of a communications strategy and communications matrix for transactions
– Develop and execute post-signing and post close integration kick-off meetings
– Lead the development of detailed integration/separation plans and milestones
– Lead synergy identification and tracking activities, facilitate working sessions to identify and quantify cost and savings opportunities
– Prepare for regular leadership update meetings (e.g., M&A Steering Committee)
– Identify and lead acquisition integration process improvement opportunities
– Work to establish and continuously improve all aspects of Conduent’s management process


– 3+ years’ experience with project management with focus on M&A
– Experience with M&A program governance, divestiture and, acquisition projects
– Bachelor’s degree required, preferably in business, finance or technology
– PMP or CAPM Certification is desirable
– Experience managing large and complex organizational change projects
– Proven ability to work in a high pressure, time sensitive environments
– Excellent teamwork skills; strong analytic and critical thinking skills
– Exceptional written, oral, and presentation communication abilities
– Experience in business intelligence portals and scorecards
– Expertise with Excel, PowerPoint, MS Project

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