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Sell Side

The important source of generating your income is your business. When you think about selling it you will want to sell it to a reputed company, so you will definitely want to sell it through a reputed M&A firm.

Privacy guidelines
We maintain the most unique privacy guidelines, whilst still coordinating with the workers, purchasers, financiers and merchants. 

Creation of marketing tools
We create a survey of your organization and then bring purchasers accordingly.

Exposure to the right buyers
We give our best effort to provide you with qualified purchasers including corporate purchasers.

Arrangements for purchase agreements
We are always eager to give you profit maximization and bargain to guarantee high earnings for you. Be focused about your business and we will help you by providing proper guidance for your business.

We are here to help you answer the basic questions from the buyer such as:
● What is my business’s financial position?
● At the time of selling my business, what kind of financials do I need to have?
● What is the guarantee of my business?
● How would I discover purchases?
● How to manage “off the books” exchanges?
● How would I screen purchasers?
● Is it important to prepare briefs at the time of selling my business

Manage the initial interest stage by preparing an attractive teaser that gets circulated to a large number of potential buyers;

Prepare a Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) that adequately presents the strengths and opportunities of the business;

Conduct a preliminary valuation of the company to weigh against the valuations of interested buyers

Develop a comprehensive buyer list that matches the seller’s needs and objectives;

Evaluate all proposals, review the letters of intent and select the purchaser;

Be the project manager for the due diligence; and, finally,
work with the legal, tax and accounting advisors to close the transaction.